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In Lisbon, Portugal, there are about 2800 "partially unoccupied" and over 1800 "completely abandoned" buildings, according to a Lisbon Town Hall study. In addition, there are currently over 800 homeless people living in the streets.
People who live in abandoned sites do not enter the statistics, because a roof has, often, to be an absolute secret for those trying to escape the cold portuguese sidewalks.
In the heart of the city, in the periphery, in the villages off the beaten path, throughout the municipal map, inhuman conditions, fragile lives and lonely battles are hidden day after day.
The unsustainability and fragility of these places are dramatically aligned with the lives they embrace.
These people survive singly but sometimes in community with what others have rejected in the past, whether in buildings, factories or villages they are the testimony of the unemployment crisis, the lack of opportunity and a sad fate that hangs over the Portuguese society.

The identification of sites is purposely preserved in this work.

"Roof" is a journey through the lives of people who don't recognise themselves.