Military Games
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For sixth year in a row, summer children's patriotic military camps are being organized among the natural settings on the bank of the river Volga, Russia, by a Cossack association of the town of Kimry. Patriotic military camps are becoming excessively popular in Russia, owing both to governmental support and a rise of military sentiments among the country population. According to the statements of the camp management, the aim of such programmes is to provide adolescents with a prepartory training for military service in the Armed Forces of Russian Federation, and to promote healthy lifestyle and traditional values among the youngsters. The children are being trained in the spirit of the camp curators' beliefs in a strong centralized state government, a mythologycal approach to Russian history and uncritical glorification of the wars that were led by Russia throughout history. A spirit of nationalism, militarism and intolerance to opinions different from their own can be felt among the camp curators and is being passed on to children.
But although the grown-ups have their own agenda, the children go on living in a world of their own and remain quite detached from the reality imposed upon them by the adults. Things that they are actually interested in are secret visits to the nearby girls' camp, soccer and swimming in the river. They don't care about the present-day Russian politics and discussions on the topic, they just do their best to enjoy summer, being close to nature and the opportunity to participate in a variety of interesting events.