Project info

There are three stages in my work. The first is when I decide the subject matter to work with, a person or an event or something I have seen or read. The second is when the connection takes place, when the time, the light, the arrangements allow the photograph to happen. I believe there can be only one such moment, so I can spend five hours at the studio or location working with my subject and walk out with no more than five to eight plates. The third is when I interact with the image to re-design the image into something more powerful. Most of the time that happens very late at night when is no one around, to me its seeing what through the camera I only perceived. I don’t wont to stop at that perception, I want to re-design and re-create what I perceived. Its like expending time. Taking the photograph is like automatic connection between the subject and my consciousness. Between that and those late nights where I spent hours redesigning the image into something more powerful weeks might pass.
What I try to do is remove myself from the finished image, as if I was another person seeing it for the first time.
When an image hints at at its meaning, but is somehow obscured , it creates mystery. We then must look longer and deeper, searching for clues. Maybe the story in the picture is so personal to the artist, that the viewer will never know what’s hidden. Still, the image is powerful, mysterious and beautiful.
At the moment of photography I act instinctively. At the moment of presenting my work I take time for aesthetics decisions for which I didn’t have time with the camera, I re-design the image into something more powerful, more mysterious. I intensify the photograph not only aesthetically but also ethically, because I take the risk of ruining it.

My work mirrors back to us our own lives, when our understanding of life sees broken things as unworthy. I rebuild the narrative and although the reality is not the same, having been broken the reflection is a different kind of beautiful. The primary subject of my work explores the relationship of woman in male dominant environments.