Myanmar _ transition to future
Project info

Feb 2015 I had my second exhibition in myanmar (yangon) .
that was a great time that I saw myanmar from near because I was always curious to see and know about there .
in yangon I saw a society is In transition to Future .. and this land was full of Hope .. love .. pain .. fear ... and doubt .
Do tomorrow Will be better?? I saw this question at look of people ..
always I think to second birthday .. In the second birth you understand who are you and what you want? You find your identity and your dreams will make for the future.
when i saw myanmar I felt The country is on the brink
of a second birth and this change is so hard and just need to time .
in myanmar 90 percent of people are Buddhist, and less than 4 percent of the population are Muslims.
Three years ago a big civil war between the Buddhists and Muslims was formed and more than 20,000 Muslims were killed in this country and Many people were damaged from this disaster.
today Myanmar people are on the brink of a great event.
" Election" And all people hopeful that Ms Aung Sun Suu Kyi
will win in election of President and they will Have a good future .
This project consists of three parts: Buddhist nuns, Muslims and street life of people .. this work taken at 5 days and its just my first look to this society .
I hope come back to Myanamar soon . because I like to see this big change .