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“Gaze’s Narratives
Phtograph is, on one hand, supposed to be a “transcription of reality”; on the other, the immediate denial of this transcription by the strong statements of our gaze.
The way we look at things, is always the most important. In everything in life.
The exercise of gathering and arranging the graphic elements is the most essential act in photography. This can be seen in Nick Ut’s war pictures, in the Dadaist interpretations of Man Ray, or in the reflected and intercrossed looks of Brassaï’s prostitutes.
To shock, to trespass, to denounce, to spy,– there are many verbs that can be part of the meaning we want to convey in a photograph. As for myself, I prefer to qualify my perception with meanings that lead to the verb “to enchant”. To try to see through the aggressive and obsolete shell of everyday things to arrive again at the almost childish finding of how the world can be enchanting.