Mirage cities
Project info

Ten years ago, China's government decided on a new urbanisation plan to accommodate millions of people from the countryside and to prevent environment disasters; they encouraged construction of “eco-cities" built on once-polluted or non-arable land. Those projects didn’t succeed; most of the people didn’t come as expected to those towns that are now known as “Ghost Cities”. My work, “Mirage Cities”, is about those empty places that became the illusion of an ideal city.
In this project, I tried to challenge our look with a process of staggered super impression of an accumulation of visual fragments. I tried to provoke a mirage-like blurred vision with a constant movement of the eye between a figurative image and his vibration. My aim is to create a cycle of vision where the look escapes, comes back, keeps searching and then creates a movement in the visibility.  
Like my most recent works, I used a pinhole camera to distort colors and shape, assembly, collage, and super impression; processes that reinvent and twist the very landscape. I also sought to test the bounds of photography by challenging its ability to render an illusion.