Cosa Mentale
Project info

The series entitled "Cosa Mentale" questions human genius and the experience of reality through the photographic process. All the exhibited images reveal mountainous massifs and water bodies. Landscapes are real for some, fractal landscapes for others, taking the appearance of the biological environment. Fractal comes from Science with the repetitive use of patterns which modelize the biological environment.
But then, what do these landscapes symbolize? Can the individual's experience of the world be challenged? Do these environments embody the idea that has Human being of his own nature? Are images only the fruit of the spirit of its creator?
Between reality and fiction, this series deals with the humanitarian emergency and the risk that Human being takes of cutting himself off from the experience he has of the world because of his thirst for gigantic and spectacular. This series is finally the translation of the human tension caused by the relationship between the individual and his own mirror.