The Baby Tooth Isn't Loose
Project info

Today’s reality is guided by competition alongside the fierce longing to ascend into what many call paradise. What lies in this pursuit are strangely manufactured channels of both sincerity and unsettling moments that make us question our ultimate wishes. These uncomfortable forms of excess, desire, and hope to life forever, tie us together but also create further separation than ever before in this consummate dance to the finish line.

The Baby Tooth Isn't Loose dives into an estranged exploration of the fault lines in human nature. This visual process reflects a collective ridiculousness that inescapably marries both the absurd and ironic. This translation is an experiment where the life of the work is guided by dissimilarity while ultimately living inside the same uncomfortable zoo. Within these lives, confusion plays a consistent role where the uncertainty drives an energy that makes it continuously more difficult to consider what is real.