Not Far Away From The Frontline - Hong Kong Anti- Extradition Bill Movement 2019
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It all began from a suitcase murder case in Taiwan. When a pair of Hong Kong puppy lovers, Chan Tong-Kai and  Poon Hiu-wing celebrated the valentines day in taipei, Pino was found killed and Chan confessed to murdering his girlfriend and stuffing the dead in a suitcase after he found out that the victim was pregnanted by another man.

Chan fled to Hong Kong. But there were no extradition arrangement between Hong Kong and Taiwan, Chan cannot be sent to Taiwan for judgement. While the Hong Kong government tried to take this excuse to set up such extradition bill, people soon realized that such bill aims at sending dissidents to china,which completely breaks the promise of "one country, two systems" and "independent judiciary". the anti-extradition bill movement is gradually formed,with the slogan 'five demands, not one less' and "Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times"

at the beginning nobody have had imagined that such anti bill movement would become such a massive anti government movement in the society. it come along with the ignorance of Chief Executive Carrie Lam, plus the excessive violence of the Hong Kong Police Force, the alliance between the police force and the triad gangs, arrogance of the Train operator. the social problems underneath explodes like butterfly effect.

Starting from early of June , there were one million people rally (9 June) , two million people rally (16 June), two train stations are terror attacked, with one by the gangs and one by the armed police; nine persons gave up their lives, five casualties lost their eyes, thousands of civilians are insulted and harassed ; more then a thousands arrested , in which unknown numbers are jailed in Sun-Uk-Ling Holding Centre which is likely a concentration camp.

Even CE Carrie Lam restated that the extradition bill is withdrawn, no intention to response to the other four demands were not responded.
the movement wont come to an end until the five demands are fully fulfilled.

unlike the umbrella movement in five years ago, there is no centralized command in this anti extradition bill movement.
the designers of propaganda are anonymous,
the song writers of "Glory to Hong Kong" are anonymous,
the telegram group administrators are anonymous,
the frontline protestors, wearing hamlet and respirator masks, are anonymous,
the tear bomb extinguisher are anonymous,
the first-aiders are anonymous,
the journalists are anonymous,
the volunteer lawyers are anonymous.
Though anonymous they act together like brothers and sisters, even though they don't know each others behind every form of masks.

As an independent photography standing with them along in the movement, i choose to anonymous too.

May Glory be to Hong Kong;
May Glory be to Hong Kongers;

Dear Judges, Editors, and Administrators, i beg you, that i would like to keep my name anonymous and undisclosed through the competition; if so lucky that any of the photos submitted get any prizes, please honor the glory to all Hongkongers, Brothers and Sisters, and, the Anonymous in the movement. Thank you.