5 approaches
Project info

For the black& White photography Award 2019 i decided to present 5 works with different aspects of my works.All my photographs are taken in speed with simple camera.along highways,out of windows of airplanes,Train station,Airport and underground scene, Artificial light which redefine the power of a city.My main concern is in Velocity as a central factor that characterise and transform our seeing and surrounding. " Velocity replace geography "(Paul Virilio).
Everything captured by my camera is about "That which the Eye doesn't know it sees".
Urban "Being" is in permanent movement.It is hyper motoric.I ts borders are uncertain.It spread out into the surrounding nature,planting suburbs along highways that are prolongation of the city itself.
In my photographic work i choose one photo out of hundreds, those in which i discover new results of seeing in speed.My works are often large scale,Light boxes,printed on paper, or aluminium Transparency mounted on windows within architecture structures.