Transgender , fashion and fine art editorial
Project info

The project is about transgenders in general and the feeling of being trapped in the wrong body for years. A story about a man who lives his life in confusion - not knowing what is happening inside him.

I wanted to express the feeling of living a life in the wrong body for years - the nightmares and confusing feelings of what is happening inside - being neither a man nor a woman and
what it means to have those feelings of knowing that you are a woman.

I wanted to show a very confident manly environment. The selection of the location was very difficult. I wanted a house that has a very warm and manly feeling in it.

This location was built by a very talented man who decorated and styled it according to his own taste. A manly handyman who lives alone in a uniqe cabin in the woods and has a ski equipment, a horse, cowboy hat (such as the one on the frame on the couch) ,wood logs for the cold winter and an axe on the opening scene. All of those symbols made the environment and the character of the feminine man model to reflect he internal conflict.

My stylist and myself wanted a unisex and female cloths that would help tell the story.

The expression of material such as textures: the soft and blurry window represents the soft side of a impulsive confused man and the ground with the cracks of the dark floor the inside pain that has been there for years. Those textures are on some of the clothes as well such as the dress on the white carpet and the dress on the window frame.

All of those textures are part of the pattern that puts the gender in this internal conflict . Then there are the lighting; harsh light that comes from a bounced mirror from outside for the dramatic scene and more spread and soft light for the detailed black and white top shots.

I used a dark clothes on a white surface such as the dress on the white carpet or the white pearl dress on the diamond and the black background to make the model pop out of the backgrounds and increase the drama for the purpose of shooting this editorial in black and white.
My biggest influences are artists who combine photography with paintings such as Erik Madigan Hack and impressionists painters.

Almost every frame is painted with textures and brush strokes. These patterns express the darkest and deepest pain and change through the process of becoming a soft and calm woman.


Model: Amitay Shulman

styled by: Elisheva Kramer

Makeup and hair: Daniella Edelman

Assistans: Yaron Zamir and Gilad Shrem

Location: Yehuda Hermann

clothes: privet collection