North American Wildlife
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The ecosystem where I live sustains owls, coyotes, deer, raccoons, chipmunks and ground squirrels among other species. I feel very fortunate to have seen the American alligator and nine-banded armadillo in the wild as well.
My human and domesticated animal family look forward to the daily interactions with the wildlife that share our landscape. In fact, without the balance of these wild creatures, our sustainable land would become a desolate habitat.
The American jaguars once ranged from Argentina to parts of Louisiana and California. However, these big cats have almost completely vanished from the continental U.S. due to habitat loss and federal programs aimed at protecting livestock. Currently, the U.S.-Mexico border wall threatens to block jaguar migration routes.
These black and white images are timeless documents of the same species I have seen most of my life. I hope my photographs convey a sense of the animal's personalities and offer the viewer a closer look at the familiar and a chance to gaze at the endangered jaguar. I find myself captivated living among these wild creatures and consider all life choices sympathetically to benefit the circle of life.