People and the Eiffel Tower
Project info

I'm a native Parisian and work in Paris daily. The Eiffel Tower is part of the scenery. I see it, but don't contemplate it. The Eiffel Tower has however been the centerpiece of my photoshoots, my bread and butter for 3 years now.

Coming to the same place every day can be off-putting. But this day, while waiting for my clients who were 30 minutes late, I rediscovered the beauty of this Parisian landmark.

I've seen what it does to people. I've understood why every tourist wanted the Eiffel Tower in their selfies when they come to Paris. That's why I decided to immortalize this moment. These moments. Unique to their astonished eyes. They look at it with joy and pride. They are proud to be near it.

This photo series was born accidentally, in a moment tainted with boredom. The following days, I retrieved my once-lost enthusiasm. I was excited to capture these unique moments of contemplation and wonder. My weariness changed and became a pure time of pleasure. Just by shifting my viewpoint.

I think this is my signature in every one of my photo series: I change the viewpoint and I open the gate to a different dimension. It's like being two people within one: the one who watches and the one who takes the time to appreciate and contemplate the world.