Curiosities, a sampling
Project info

These photographs are a sampling from my debut art book is called “Curiosities.” Its a fictional 24-hour timeline of characters and situations cobbled together over the course of 4 years in the aftermath of the death of my parents, for whom I provided care for at the end of their lives. 

It was Leica/LFI's Book of the Month in April/May 2019 and was shortlisted at several photo events around the world. It received praise at Center's Santa Fe Portfolio Review in October 2019.

With scant personal time during their caregiving, I renewed my photography interest which provided a necessary daily 10-minute reprieve from an overwhelmingly emotional toil.

On "Curiosities"
Artist Laurie Anderson: "Exquisite" and promptly hired me.
Artist Shepard Fairey: “The concept and images are very compelling, vacillating between ghostly and candid.”
Photographer Larry Fink: "Passionate and deeply felt. It speaks in a way that for the most part, folks don’t think in at this point. That is good, as it takes chances and breaks laws. There is a conversation to be had. “

Over the course of a few years, with my parents gone and my longtime career in shambles, I had nothing left to focus on except what had been my lone interest during this caregiving period… photography. It was the only other thing that had given me any sense of being. "Curiosities" became my attempt to reclaim my enthusiasm for life. Capturing these moments, these energies, allows me to be more present and to continue my necessary healing.