Jazz Notes
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I have before my eyes the images sent to me by my friend Cardoni, new graphic testimony illustrating his two personal passions: photography and music.
The result was surprising, shocking for me: I saw in them an unexpected “osmotic amalgam”, detector of the capacity of photography to transcribe into musical tones and rhythmic textures. And vice versa, the musical language suggests, alludes to, graphic signs that can help your own understanding.
And my friend Cardoni proves to be masterful in his new attempt, and where the syncopated rhythm of Jazz emerges, described and highlighted, I would say, by slashes of pure black, dark, but at the same time “sharply black.” Slashes traced by silhouettes more imagined than real of performers, instruments, threadlike score supports, from the tarry textures of the woods of the bare theatre floor. Surprising combinations of extreme elegance and effectiveness.
Two “different” languages that my friend’s cultured sensitivity manages to use to transmit the same vibrations, similar emotions. Thank you Giuseppe!
Piergiorgio Branzi

Jazz Notes book has achieved the "Prize for cultural merits in different fields of engineering" (Perugia Order of Engineers Foundation)