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The Yezidi religion is one of the oldest. Since its founding years 74 genocides
committed against them. The youngest and most systematic done by the IS terrorist militia. The Yazidis are more persecuted than other religious communities,
because they are regarded as devil worshipers. This is because they believe in
Tausi Melek, a fallen angel in the form of a peacock. Since the invasion of the IS
terrorist militia in Iraq, hundreds of thousands Yazidis were uprooted and are on the
run. Thousands of men and boys were shot and beheaded women abducted and sold at auction as sex slaves. In adverse circumstances they have
erected makeshift shelters, where they found just enough room. Only a few have
made it into the camps set up by NGOs. Most live in the reinforced concrete
skeletons of unfinished houses, improvised in tents made of tarpaulins and branches or on the road.
They had no chance to prepare for the flight, nor to pack the essentials. Winter has
come to Kurdistan and saps the forces of refugees who have no winter clothes or
blankets to protect themselves against it. Until the beginning of the year 10,000
Yazidis were encircled in the Sinjar Mountains of the IS militia. Over 4 months, they
fought with little food, little ammunition and weapons to survive until the Kurdish
Peshmerga free fought a land corridor. With the story, I wish to draw attention to
the situation of the Yazidis, who are the main victims of this conflict. Here I want to
show a broad spectrum. The current life situation, the despair of the encircled, the
struggle for survival, the war with all its horrors, the religion, the destruction of religion, individual fates and their background.