Portraits of People: Shed My Skin
Project info

Portraits of People is an ongoing series capturing that essence of who we are as human beings. Comprised of images and an interview, subjects are photographed while being asked a series of life related questions. The series aims to not just discover one another, but more so, to show the connection that exist between all of us as it relates to those shared human experiences and emotions. Regardless of backgrounds, religion, politics, values and beliefs, we all can relate to this experience called life. In Shed My Skin, Portraits of People goes further in examining self-image and identity, photographing subjects in the nude.

Society has conditioned us to judge one another based on looks, money, status, race, and beliefs; but when those variables are stripped and we take the time to listen to another human being's story, we'll realize there is far more that connects us than that which makes us different.