Hungry people
Project info

In Krasnodar for the past two years one wealthy family have been managing food aid targeted to people in difficult life circumstances. Twice a week one volunteer drives around about 90 locations. On equal terms with food old people are waiting for the volunteer to talk with and share their problems. Many of them need simply human contact and attention. But the volunteer has only few minutes before leaving for the next location. As mainly old people are those in need, any delay in delivery or deferment to another date causes fears like the volunteer would never come back and the food aid was just a temporary event. Even those who receive food aid for some time already cannot hold back their tears. After retirement the old people who used to work hard and fully provide themselves for all their lives feel shame for receiving the help, though they realise that without it they cannot simply survive because the money they have covers just the payment for utility services. Previously those in need were families with handicapped members, single mothers and the old people, but now, besides them, Ukraine refugees who have not yet found a job and settled in Russia, seek for the food aid too.