“The myths of rocks”
Project info

Sometimes life can be just accidental. As a matter of fact that’s how I started my portfolio concerning shapes of rocks. Spending hours in front of my computer screen, I found out, with the help of symmetry, that some photographs could hide strange mythological shapes. It was that particular moment when I felt both an instantaneous fear but at the same time an interest to go on by photographing rocks around my city of Kozani. Through this photographical trip I had the chance to come across areas with special interest, areas which were magical.
I was able to see huge rocks being located in totally unnatural spots, abandoned quarries like wounds of mountains that were never healed, broken stones being returned to their natural environment and then treated by the rain as a mother who cares about her children, and hidden lakes in ravines or hills that can’t be easily seen.
All these shapes which occur through symmetry can be totally harmonized with the Greek mythology concerning Titanes, Giants, Cyclops and Ekatochires. “No matter how hard earth was begging sky to let her children free, his answer was that he didn’t want any monsterous children, Even if she would gave birth to more children, they would have the same fate…he would throw them to Tartara!”
When I started looking at these rocks I found out how vulnerable and small I am towards them, as a human being, history and material. There are times feeling that these rocks have offered me those spectacular shapes as a reward to the time I offered them.