60s NYC
Project info

In the 1960s I lived and worked in New York City, carried my camera everywhere, and photographed every chance I had - day and night, above ground and in the subways.
The camera forced me to look, and to actually see. I photographed zoos, aquariums, and beaches, street fairs, buildings, sculptures and public art. But my main love was photographing people. Some photos were candid, as I captured subjects in a fraction of a second. I asked other subjects for permission to photograph them, some as solo portraits, others as groups.
The 60s were turbulent, with so many groups and ideologies trying to express themselves. I photographed anti-Vietnam protests, hippies, be-ins, and love-ins in Central Park.
Today, almost 50 years later, I look back at this time capsule of photographs and am very joyful that I was able to record those places, people, and times.