Actors Rule The World
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Televisions are tools that are used to change societies by molding the aspirations of ordinary people.

During its first showing, city streets empty, crime rates dropped significantly, and power stations had to increase production. In 1973 “Seventeen moments of Spring” was broadcasted for the first time. It was one of the Soviet Union’s most popular TV series of it’s time.
The main character a Soviet spy named Max Otto von Stirlitz was created by the KGB, to recruit new members and to glorify agents serving abroad. Many wanted to be like Stirlitz, but one in particular ended up becoming one of the most powerful people in the world today.

Vladimir Putin was one of those viewers. In his first television appearance in 1992, Putin re-enacted an important scene, depicting himself as Stirlitz. This helped launch his national political career.

A hero gives us hope and desire, it makes us feel compassioned in times of crisis, it makes us feel taken care of in times of loss. But should our hero also be our leader?