The Quest for Self Determination
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What started with protests from teachers and lawyers in late 2016 rapidly spread to all walks of life in defying a muted voice. This voice stands for justice, human rights, and independence. The Francophone Cameroonian government has systematically marginalized English speaking institutions with a lust for resources and a crusade to dominate culture with its ‘reform’ of the judicial and educational system. This divide has roots to a shared colonial exit via the French and English leading to independence in 1960's with continued bitter political rows that stood chilled in hibernation until recently. The oppression only exacerbated into egregious acts of terror where extrajudicial killings have turned the sons of farmers into fighters picking up handmade guns instead of tools. Often boys accused of being associated with the resistance are killed on the spot by government forces in towns, in front of banks, and even local pubs. This mindless man hunt continues to spread into villages and farming communities with bullets blindly unleashed aimlessly from behind occupation posts erected in fear. Despite the mounting unrest and political instability, the will and determination of many in West Cameroon’s Ambazonia region stands firm and continues to grow stronger. While state actors continue to silence entire villages, hiding the grave criminality is only temporary when fighting against an indomitable fabric of love and pride.