Saracens Women 'Standing in the Light'
Project info

There is a distinct lack of female voices and points of view in sports photography. I explore alternative interpretations of femininity through women’s sport to discover the strength and depth of its capacity. Starting a new conversation with our audience, fifty percent of which is female.

Visual beauty and aesthetic grab an audience’s attention, but more interesting is the talent and the journey behind the images. Challenging and conquering adversity is a universal and powerful emotion. We all face our own personal battles so this message is relatable.

Saracens was a pivotal study, watching the girls in training I was struck by how they looked straight through the camera. Women, with their own power, being exactly who they are. Within the team culture, they offer strength, support, trust and motivation to each other. There is an honest, hardworking and totally unpretentious dynamic in the way they operate.