postcards from heaven2
Project info

The series is based on the series "the kodak moment". Postcards, in this case a selection of the issue nature, gardens, trees and parks, today only decoration in tourist shops were always greetings to home. A greeting to our loved ones and a hint that one has managed to get away once. Kitsch and an often stereotypical interpretation of landscape and nature have created an unbelievable collection of absurd impressions over the years. this absurdity is continued with the here shown images. New stories are told. Stories like postcards sent out of the world of dreams and fears. Stories with enigmatic humor and winking eyes. Surreal greetings from „Absurdistan“. Humorous and serious contemplation of our past and present ..... fragments of history from a world that in and of itself is often completely out of joint.
Every picture represents a small intervention in nature. Barely noticeable or visibly easily are the wounds that were inflicted on this paradise. A small intervention - often a devastating effect.
Nature as the stage of our failure. A stage that illustrates the disturbance caused by the human intervention. Man goes further and further away from what he actually wants - a postcard from the lost paradise.
Greetings from the sky.