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This series follows on from "Smoke".

The images are a visceral and raw reminder of the devastation caused by a firestorm that swept through on the night of Saturday December 4, 2020.
With very little notice this area came under attack - residents rapidly evacuated. The fire was indiscriminate - properties seemingly untouched stood next to others rendered to a pile of sheet metal and stone.
Shot in the Southern Highlands region of NSW 3 days after the firestorm swept through parts of this very scenic area, and two weeks after shooting a few of the images in ‘Smoke’.
Amongst the devastation were signs of recovery. Crews were out removing damaged trees to repair power lines. Water and food were placed out in the forest for wildlife to access. Most strikingly, community members - even those directly affected - were happy to spend time sharing their experiences with me, and for images to be captured. There were many stories of small community resilience, support and camaraderie. The local Rural Fire Service crews both local, metropolitan and interstate were still highly visible. Their efforts were continuously highly praised.