Hard decision
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Imagine this …
You’re a father to 5 children, the youngest of which is 5 years old.
The only wealth you have to your name is your wife and your children.
Every day you work on your farm, waking up before dawn and coming home late in the evening … only to make 250€ a month.
Having returned one Friday evening from another day of backbreaking work, you look up at the unfinished house your brothers were helping you build … and all you see is a shack. Just one room and one kitchen that all 7 members of your family must live in.
You see a patched roof and windows that barely have a frame.
You know that you need to buy insulation for the house … winter is approaching and the house won’t keep your family warm when the temperatures hit below -15 degrees.
But today, you have to decide if the money you have in your pocket goes towards saving for insulation, or feeding your children.
Can you imagine a life like this?