The Color of Memory: The Color of White
Project info

For The Color of White, I am interested in the movement of light and weather in what appears to be white landscapes. The snow-covered landscape clarifies how light translates the experience of movement to the displacement of time. The work uses color to draw attention to the balance between land, weather, and time. The use of multiple images captured over time allows the medium to stretch the relationships between the land and atmosphere around it. I aim to draw attention to the landscape and the beauty of the earth, effecting a change in our perceptions. I believe that action begins with appreciation.

Mountainous peaks and cloud support The Color of White as a recurring element within the work. The snow-covered landscape partially influences this, but it is also a reaction from growing up in the very flat plains of West Texas. The work often juxtaposes something white that doesn’t move like a peak or a tree-scape with something that does move like clouds, water, or falling snow.