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We are constantly, consciously or unconsciously, trying to anticipate , to project ourselves into the future. And we continue to journey between the past and the future, in this ever-changing , always new, always elusive. In is book « Le jeu des possibles », François Jacob * said: « Our imagination unfolds endlessly before us always renewed image of what is going to happen, what is possible. We can not think of us without a moment later, but we can not know what will be this time. Thus, we can not know the most important, what interest us, what will happen tomorrow. »

« Chrysalides » questions the notion of the body as a sign of identity and the impossibility of photographic representation, of this identity, in constant motion that floats between a form to another. Started in 2008 and still in progress, the series focuses on the moves of the body from the childhood to the adult , through adolescence. For me, tracing the transformation of body amounts to considering more particularly the essence of the human being, its constant evolution.

At each of our lives, we make decisions that will have a profound influence on the life of the person we become. And when , finally, we become this person we are far from being pleased with the decisions we have taken.

It is easier to remember than to imagine. Easier to reconstruct the past to imagine an uncertain future. And if we find it difficult to imagine how and how our personality, our values and preferences will change, we may be tempted to prefer the idea that such changes are unlikely.

It seems that it is still today the story end. We know that the world around us continue to transform, to be part of history, but we think a moment, in every period of our existence, having finally escaped the work of time, have escaped history, be finally now become who we are. Without realizing that we are still constantly being reborn, transforming us in the process of reinventing ourselves.

« Chrysalides » explores these revivals, these transformations, these reinventions.