Once, I left the World behind
Project info

Photographs, video and writing

The project “Once, I Left the World Behind” deals with a suggestive and poetic approach to the idea of the endlessness of the world in juxtaposition to the finite human life.

We were out by the baltic sea one day. An ocean that lies calm and flat like a lake on a beautiful day .It was stormy and the waves came rushing in, pushed by the wind like the trees on the rim, high above the waterline, reaching for the sky. There was a daunting sound, amongst those trees, like the earth was moving, the end and yet the beginning of the world.We wandered along the top of the hillside, right on the edge between the land and the sea. There it lay, eternity. These waters behind the trees followed by more water and the sky. Another behind, another after. The land, the sea, the land, the sea.Right outside my horizon.