In the Meantime
Project info

Photographs and Video

The imagery of “In the Meantime” is an autobiographical fiction, made of visual short stories, memories, moments relived. The photographs and videos are set at a time I felt suspended, floating, waiting for something to happen, to change the state I was in. It was a time of condensed and relived memories from the past, a dreamlike repetition of situations I had encountered during my life.

I swim at the surface till I drown.
Sink.Into that deep ocean.
Darkness and silence.I don’t want to see.
I float.
Deeper and deeper.
My thoughts compress.
Delusional.I gasp for air.
Floating – a state without gravity, without weight.
Air – empty space just like object and matter. But we can see.
Light – travels through space and along surfaces. A reminder of time.
Reality – a constructed belief.
Matter – a constructed reality.
Belief – reality.