Project info

In light of the massive construction of new highways and bridges around my locale (mostly HWY 6 North, Israel), along with the transformation of my childhood landscapes, I stepped out to get re-acquainted with the new surrounding turf. I explored the formation of new esthetics created by the union of human action and natural terrain and the emerging relationship between the current and the new.
All of the photographs were taken in the first or last hour of the day at locations where access was prohibited and complex. These places affect me in the detachment they convey, in their distance from the lure of life. Their spine-chilling quietness cause my attention to focus on the duality of tension and equilibrium, of materialism hanging by a thread.
From my personal perspective, this series is about existential questions. In it I depicted objects that will remain here long after I’m gone. It’s a pursuit of the essence of things, of substances, usages and functionality. It is as formal and creative as it is a quest for life.