Without identity
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The face is perhaps the most important part of the human body. It identifies the person we have opposite us and very often predetermines our behavior towards it. Hiding the face creates embarrassment and difficulty of expressing our feelings for the person. Does this lack of information in photography create an intensity and mystery which does not complete the process of decoding the image? Is the information extracted from the rest of the photograph capable of directing and creating stories in the viewer's imagination? Is the absence of the face offset by the elements of the surroundings?
If we extend this to real life, how much role do people's faces play in everyday life? Are they defining an initial and essential part of our relationship with others? Finally, does the lack of face make the image neutral and confuse us about how we should react or are the surrounding elements already half-face? Guided by these thoughts I made a series of photographs where the face is missing thus creating a kind of anti-portrait.