AMEN-Grassroots Football
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In Africa, football is not a religion. But it is everything a religion should be.

Every village in Africa has one open-air temple with goal posts at opposite ends and devoted followers in the middle.

Football breathes happiness into sun-baked days and rain-soaked evenings.
On a continent where not even the basics are taken for-granted, football is precious.

And like everything that’s truly precious, it’s a necessity, like bread and water.

Amen. So be it

AMEN, her most ambitious work to date, remains true to finding beauty and joy where others may only see sadness and deprivation. Nowhere are these qualities better expressed than in Africa’s abiding love affair with the game of football. Western fanaticism for watching the sport cannot come close to matching Africa’s all-consuming passion for playing the game. And they do so, come what may.
Here you will find ingenuity, doggedness, kindness and sheer joy.