Faces of places.
Project info

FACES OF PLACES is an attempt to capture a city's face in the faces of the people I happen to encounter there by chance and to photograph spontaneously. I do so during only one brief stay, often within just a few hours.

The photographs show parts of two episodes being taken in Amsterdam and Lisbon.

I am always heading out with a certain expectation - and I am surprised by a very different impression almost every time. Normally I don’t even grasp this surprise while being out shooting, but only when I review my pictures back home. Take Amsterdam, a city being seen as laid back, open minded and cosmopolitan. In contrast to this image I looked into surprisingly many vigliant, sceptical, even wary faces.

In the same way only in the the final selection of the best photographs magically connects the dots to the unique impression of a city’s face that I am trying to capture.