Still love me?
Project info

In the past, I was dating a man who called himself an art collector.
One day he showed me an abstract painting of woman’s portrait that he very proudly kept in his collection.
At that time I wanted him to be attracted to me, so when I next met him,I showed him a self portrait in his “woman” painting.
Then I asked him “Still love me?”

Could you notice the 2 voices asking the question “Still love me?”.
One is from the woman in the painting : she was broken by me and her face was changed into mine.
She asked him: “Still love me?”.
The other one is mine,I was jealous of the woman in the painting as a woman, so I stepped into the painting and put my face on her face. After my conquest of the painting I asked him: “Still love me?”.

This was the starting point of this series.
My jealousy towards women in masterpieces can’t stop as they keep being loved only because they are famous.
I want to ask people “Still love them?” or “Still love me?”.