Duct Tape Works (1993)
Project info

"Duct Tape Works" was the second garage installation in Lewis Koch’s Garage Trilogy. It was presented as a temporary public art project, in Madison, WI, in 1993.

Other installations in the same space- a simple wood frame one-car garage)- also posted here (on the "Lewis Koch / Projects" page)- were the primarily photographic “Garage Interiors: The Topography of Hidden Space” (1983); and in 2006, the text-based "When Things Dream," based on a prosepoem by Tristan Tzara.

The entire cycle is presented in GARAGEOGRAPHY, a multi-layered, labyrinthine virtual tour, designed in collaboration with Christian Yde Frostholm, for www.afsnitP.dk, a Danish website dedicated to visual poetry: at- http://www.afsnitp.dk/galleri/garageography/ (allow 20 secs to load). {NOTE: the "Garageography" web project was made with Adobe Flash, no longer supported or available as of 2021.}

Based on the garage installation, DUCT TAPE WORKS the video is a short documentary film, made in 1994 by Lewis Koch and Marshall Weber. It is uploaded on YouTube.com at https://youtu.be/K_6blu6fdWU