The Chosen Place
Project info

This all started in maybe 1980 or so when the Seneca Point cottage was built. It is a beautiful place and lake called Kanandarqua by the Senecas meaning "The Chosen Place." Over the years I have stood on the deck looking out on Bare Hill and Vine Valley made lots of pictures from maybe five (slightly different places) on the deck I photographed the sky, the water, the light and the feeling of the place. Storms, fireworks on July 4, flares on Laborp Day, a bit of Spring or Fall, clouds and all. I never intended to do anything with these pictures. They were made because the place sort of compelled me to. I was (and remain) captured by the spirit of the place.

So, I collected pictures. Then digital photography came along. Lightroom from Adobe allowed me to see my pictures in vast contact sheets. Instead of 12 pictures per page, defined by half a 220 roll, I could now group pictures as a folder or group defined by mood, or subject or color. As a result of grouping pictures in a folder called Sky/Water I got to see a whole bunch of relationships and juxtapositions that previously I might/would not have. These pictures are the result.