Lila - My Photographic playbook
Project info

In yogic philosophy “Lila” is how the world manifested as a result of free creative play by the universe . They believe that there was no motive or goal behind the creation which is still revealing itself to us in mysterious ways.

Inspired by this concept I took it on to create “My Lila - A photographic playbook an ongoing life long series.All the pictures in this series were created by spontaneity , free play and lack of any goals but connected by free interpretation through subjective reality. It can also be looked at like jazz music where many instruments come together to create music without much structure. The interplay between textures , light , darkness, shadow , objects manifests new stranger things that would normally go unoticed . The black and white approach helps hide clutter and delivers stark , gritty and emotional images.

In short you if you are mindful even for a moment that can shape your new vision.If your mindless your bias will show you what you want to see. May the unknown reveal itself to all those who view these images.