The Fight Over Fracking : A Small Win for Lancashire
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The term "fracking" is short for hydraulic fracturing and is used in the extraction of Shale gas, which is methane, trapped in tiny pockets in the shale rock formations. In order to extract the gas, engineers drill shafts down into the shale. This extraction uses many poisonous and cancerous chemicals that can potentially cause damage to nature and to human life.

Since the introduction and plans to frack in the United Kingdom, there have been many prostests to stop fracking in almost all of the areas proposed due to the potential health risks and environmental damage that can occur.

Last week there were tensions and protests over possible fracking activity being aloud in Lancashire. I photographed the end of day celebrations at the rejection of the Cuadrilla company to drill and frack four wells at Preston New Road near the village of Little Plumpton in the Fylde. It was a lot calmer than earlier in the day and everyone was happy content with the rejected proposal.