Atomic War In Details
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'Naturally, I was prepared to launch.That was our purpose....'
Colonel Alexander Tarasenko - Division Commander/ICBM Missile Crew Commander

The current crisis in Ukraine has brought the political tensions of the Cold War into the light once again as both East and West seek to influence events outside of their borders in a proxy psychological battle. In Ukraine, Russia and the USA Justin examines decommissioned ICBM silos, remains of the weapons, and even former personnel to uncover complex issues of national loyalty and the questions of the differences between the two sides. Both the objects and the people hold a fascinating mirror to the nature of the cultural and ideological divide. His focus on the tiniest details of these apocalyptic objects and environments,give the viewer an individual's perspective of the front line in this psychological war, revealing a highly dangerous, yet also routine daily life for those involved on both sides of the globe.

How does one prepare to end the world for the sake of peace?