Hidden Reality
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A hot afternoon, a backstreet in the city center, full of the crowd. A boy walking down the street with a kestrel in his hand. Some people approach, others do not notice. The bird flew through the window of his apartment, now he wants to return it.
The shirtless boy smokes a cigarette.


The Hidden Reality is a portrait of a city. A city similar to others where many worlds combine and permeate. Michal Adamski is neither going to describe them, nor does he want to show the reality everyone can see. He does not intend to make postcards of the city. This is his attempt to break the pretense people play among themselves, an attempt to enter the fabric of the city to show the emotions of pulling off the mask. Filip Bajon, a Polish film director, wrote about the city in his memoirs: ‘Poznan is a city of closed curtains. What's going on behind them remains a secret. Outside an ongoing lesson of "walking in pristine corsets" continues…’