Open Books
Project info

I create photographically illustrated books springing from my fascination with the book format and a love of texture in art. These hard cover books are hand bound and are illustrated with silver gelatin photographs printed traditionally in my darkroom. I like the idea of making art that contains some imagery that can be sensed but not seen. The underlying pages contain my photographs, snapshots, and work prints that “gave their lives” for the imagery visible in the open folio spread. These images lie hidden beneath the open pages like history.

My imagery is inspired by the poetic moments of living in our fast-paced, modern world. I’m amazed by how daily life in the 21st Century presents us with surreal experiences in such regularity that we no longer differentiate between what is natural and what is colored with implausibility, humor, and irony.

In this digital age of electronic prints and service bureaus, I savor the tactile pleasures of making art by hand; I believe that certain works of art created by a human touch can contain a resonance of that touch — a lingering aura.