The Long Road
Project info

The Long Road is a fairy tale for images written for my daughter in t time of covid-19.
I imagined writing a letter that she will read in many years

Hi Syria,
by the time you’ll read these words, so many years will have elapsed since 2020, a year during which a terrible virus changed our lives forever.
You were 10 years old, and you did not realize the gravity of the situation. The world for you was still a colourful and carefree place, even if with some restrictions and the weirdness of closed schools.

In fact not only you couldn't go to school but you couldn’t even leave home if not for primary needs such as buying food or drugs.

Our little luck was having our dog Kalel, that allowed one of us to go outside for a while to let it doing its needs.

The world had changed a lot and I never understood if the distances had been reduced or even amplified. In this respect, I cannot say whether the network in that period has been a useful or definitely damaging tool.

I decided to carry out this project on the infamous “Covid-19” (a name we’ll probably never forget), as soon as the quarantine began.

Even if it was not easy, cause the shots had to be taken at home or in those few minutes I was out with Kalel, I wanted to leave a mark of this dark moment.

I watched you and then I started to study our house with different eyes, looking for functional details. At the same time I peered out the windows in search of hope, a little bit like you that often used to look outside quiet, maybe much more aware than I thought.

And while we were isolated in a protected shell, outside there were those who fought a fierce battle against an invisible enemy: doctors and nurses
who risked their own lives to keep others alive. They are Heroes that time can never erase.

The road was long and winding and hope sometimes wavered, but if now I’m here writing these words to you and you are reading them, then it means that everything went well.


“The Long Road” is a project by Fabio Moscatelli, realized with the collaboration of Doctor Caterina Pizzicaroli who took pictures inside Hospitals and medical units where she worked during the pandemic.