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Salaryman is a Japanese businessman who usually works long hours and shows a strong commitment to his company.
Known as "inemuri", falling asleep in public has become synonymous with exhausted workers. Japan is a country with a chronic sleeping problem. Some companies encourage their employees to take a nap at the office during lunchtime to tackle the problem.
Tokyo is the economy center of Japan. Telecommunications, banking, insurance and financial services companies are based there and many large international corporations have their headquarters in the city as well.
During the 2008 crisis, Japanese economy suffered a big recession. By 2010 China overtook Japan, loosing its position as the world's second-largest economy it had held for over 40 years.
In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic Japan has announced a package of stimulus measures to incentivize the economy. Manufactures are being asked to move their production out of China as relations deteriorate between the two countries.