Death Squad Homicides of Adolescents in Brazil
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This series presents portraits of the relatives of victims of death squads in poor neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Four of them are related to one specific event, which was the slaughter of thirteen adolescents that lived in the Acari favela. The mothers of these children created the group "Acari Mothers", which unsuccessfully searched for the bodies and the killers, for many years. Five other photos portray relatives of victims of another death squad leader, Flávio Braga, who acted in the poor suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. The last photo portrays the only case in which the killer, David Inácio de Souza, was arrested, thanks to the efforts of the father of the victim, Luiz Gonzaga. Additional information on these and other killings by death squads in Rio de Janeiro can be found in the Human Rights Report "Final Justice: police and death squad homicides of adolescents in Brazil" (available at - among other publications.