Randomised Architectural Angularities
Project info

Buildings are a feast of photographic possibilities for me. The closer I get to them the more they reveal. Patterns emerge within the structural elements. Perhaps these patterns were unconsciously realised by the architects and builders, but often they were a deliberate artistic statement, albeit seen from a different perspective to mine. Anyway, what I’m doing is pointing my lens at their work and creating something else.

These random architectural images, taken over a number of years, are a selection from Australian and British buildings which drew my attention, ranging from a 19th Century re-invigorated reservoir in Paddington, Sydney, to the roof of Australia’s Parliament House, Canberra, the Sydney Opera House, the British War Museum, a library in Manchester, the new conference centre in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, Liverpool cathedral, UK, the National Portrait Gallery and National Museum, Canberra.

They are monochrome and high contrast images so the angularities dominate the aesthetic.