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Mathilda is my daughter and my favourite model. I have been working with her since the beginning of my studies. It is not only that she sits model and realizes my ideas. It's rather that we think very carefully about what we want to do. In the world of adults, we like to have the image of children at our disposal, and thus also the perception we have of children. The adults determine. In the worst case this can lead to assault, to abuse. But is the processing and dissemination of a child's image already an invasion of the child's private sphere? Where does this begin? I have been working on this topic for years and together with children. The photos were taken over a period of about 3 years. The pictures are not edited with Photoshop. All pictures were taken with my daughter. Every picture has something strange added to it, a crocheted collar, a mask, a piece of nature. The pictures are taken from different series: Just touch me with your respect, All plants are real and His voice changed - her voice won't. Nothing is deleted from the pictures. Nothing added on the PC. The question that moves me behind the pictures would be: what do we give the children in their childhood? What does the child report in its development? What is already manipulation?