Project info

[pano- panorama, -morfòsi (morphosis) variation of form]

Panomorphosis, digital images, proportions 2:9.
Technology creates instruments that allow us to explore new techniques. Taking images on a smartphone in panorama mode is nothing new, what makes the difference in Panomorphosis is the instrument use.
Instead of slowly pivoting around a point, the photographer and the subject slide along parallel planes. The relative movement between the two systems is irrelevant on the outcome: the photographer might as well be considered still while subject moves.
The instrument software duly stitches together a sequence of vertical images, but here also moments are added in the process: time collapses and is trapped into the image.
Still images portray a specific space in a determined moment in time.
Panomorphosis stretches the space and freezes the instants; the two margins of the image, the beginning and the end, happened several seconds apart.
During the photo shooting, the camera acquires data and the smartphone RAM capacity defines the duration of Panomorphosis recording. Hence, each image time span is different. Moreover, objects in the far horizon can be repeated or panned, while closer moving others see their dimensions shrunk accordingly to the systems relative speed.
Tricking the software has its unintended, but positive, consequences: producing works with strong creative and aesthetic power.