Indian Streets and Me
Project info

Hi there! Thank you for going through my images. I started my photography journey through shooting streets of my city, Bengaluru and it has been close to a decade since I've been involved with street photography. While on the streets, I'm constantly looking out for interesting subjects to compose images creatively with what is available at the scene, in that moment. I try and include different objects of interest in one image, so that the viewer takes some time to observe and discover different areas of my image and are able to make their own story out of it, if needed. Being a young girl, walking around busy streets of India with a camera in hand would gain a lot of attention, some in a good way and some, not as much. However, the positive thing I see shooting busy markets in India, is that most people are open to smile into a camera held by a stranger, and not worry about privacy issues yet. I hope you find my image submissions interesting. Thanks.