American Dreamers
Project info

American Dreamers is an American portrait project aiming to break down what divides us. Disillusioned by the state of our country after the 2016 election cycle and with the many questions it raised for my two sons about politics and borders, I decided to spend the next year and a half traveling the country with my wife and our two sons to meet, photograph and introduce our family to as many of our fellow Americans as possible.

My goal was to take simple un-stylized portraits of the people we met along the way, all with natural light as to get a true sense of place and time. I purposely chose to omit the subjects’ names and personal info in an effort to force the viewer to imagine each person, thus starting their own inner dialogue and not feeling as though they know everything about this person.

It was once said to me by a New Mexican farmer that he’d met a lot folks in his life that he didn’t like, until he go to know them. It was from the memory of that conversation that I built the idea for these portraits. We are all American Dreamers, whether living it, victim of it, or dreaming of it….

The following are just a few of the hundreds of portraits I created along the way.